Andrew Sinclair
President and Founder
Andrew has over 30 years’ design and operational experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, with direct responsibility for manufacturing, logistics, maintenance and capital programme management. He has developed Biopharm Services into a leading provider of bioprocess modelling and knowledge management tools that support bioprocess innovation. Prior to Biopharm Services, Andrew was Director of Engineering and Logistics at Lonza Biologics and holds an MSc in Biochemical Engineering from UCL. He was a finalist in “The Manufacturing Processing Thought Leader of the Decade” category at the 2012 BioProcess International Awards and is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.• Principal consultant • Driving innovation • Public speaker
Dr Yuki Abe
Director of Sales & Marketing/Senior Consultant Engineer
To help communicate our mission, Yuki manages and organizes the company’s sales and marketing activities . She manages the new user portal service for our clients, and organizes the BioSolve User Group steering committee and user group meetings. Yuki’s consultancy work covers the modelling of innovative bioprocesses, engineering design and evaluation of the economic impact of design and process on product manufacturing costs. She holds a PhD in Biochemical Engineering and a MEng in Biochemical Engineering with Bioprocess Management from UCL. Yuki received the Sir Derek Robertson Scholarship and the IBM Business Consulting Award while at UCL.• Public presenter • Business development and operational excellence • Networking and building the user community
Dr Janice Lim
Product Manager II
Janice is the product manager at Biopharm Services, where she is responsible for the BioSolve Process software product. Janice’s job is to support our customers by enhancing their user experience. She delivers software training and client support for users of BioSolve Process and is responsible for ensuring that customer issues are fed back into software updates. Janice has extensive experience in the development of cost models for biomanufacturing processes to provide evaluation of process economics. Janice holds a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from UCL.• Product management • Software training and customer support • Driving innovation based on voice of the customer
Dr Adriana Lopes
Principal Consultant Engineer
Adriana has over nine years’ experience in the biopharmaceutical industry in both process development and GMP manufacturing operations. She has lead optimisation and scale-up/down, technology transfer projects, and managed feasibility and implementation projects. Adriana has worked with a range of product types such as vaccines, recombinant proteins and antibodies at different stages of the product lifecycle. She is responsible for modelling new novel technologies and processes, and manages external academic collaborations to support the future development of the BioSolve platform. Adriana holds an MSc and EngD in Biochemical Engineering from UCL.• Academic collaboration liaison • Technical writing expert • Senior consultant engineer
Bruce Willliams
Associate Principal Consultant
Bruce has over 15 years’ experience in biotechnology contract development and manufacturing. He has been responsible for the design, optimization and validation of bio-manufacturing facilities. Bruce headed up the technology transfer group for Avecia Biologics, scaling up a wide range of processes from development, through clinical manufacture to process validation. He has employed risk-based approaches to health, safety, quality, project and business risks, and is a Zeneca-trained Hazard Study leader. Bruce has an MEng in Chemical and Process Engineering.• Associate principle consultancy • Design and engineering (including hazard study) • Project Management