Fully customized services from our bioprocess specialists

Biopharm’s experienced bioprocess specialists can work with you to help deliver cost-effective processes and manufacturing operations. Our experience in facility design and utilisation of novel technology provides you with the best option to meet your business requirements.

Our bioprocess specialists use advanced BioSolve modelling tools to help you shorten the time required to carry out concept studies, allowing more options to be evaluated, and the most cost-effective solution to be identified.

A customized model will provide you with specific outputs tailored to your requirements. We provide you with rapid analysis of design options for review in a matter of weeks, keeping you up-to-date with the design process as it proceeds.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

Concept design development

  • Rapid evaluation of options in design development
  • Rapid assessment of the impact of change upon design
  • Standardisation of cost estimates

Support manufacturing strategy development by:

  • Assessing manufacturing requirements to help meet sales forecasts
  • Assessing the impact of technology options on manufacturing capacity, in terms of flexibility and cost
  • Reviewing manufacturing options, such as in-house vs. new build vs. outsourcing, while factoring in timing, uncertainty, etc.

Evaluate specific or novel processing needs

  • Building a business case to support development priorities
  • Evaluating process options and radically different process sequences such as synthetic vs. recombinant peptides
  • Evaluating alternative process technologies e.g. bioreactors vs. roller bottles vs. cell factories

Evaluation, process application and implementation of disposable technologies

  • Identifying when and where does it make economic and technical sense to use disposables
  • Impact of disposables upon facility layout, support operations and warehouse