Customized process models designed for your business

Our consultants can configure BioSolve Process to your specific business case. We can rapidly provide the analysis you need to help you make informed decisions quickly

In just a few days, we can tailor a model that meets your specific requirements. We can deliver you the model with training so you run your analysis and generate value straightaway.

If you would like to discuss the configuration of your model with us, then please enter your details and requirements here.

Once the configuration is complete you will receive the BioSolve Process model.
See below for some recent configured modelling projects:

  • Manufacture of novel vaccine using cell factory based processing
    Estimate of manufacturing costs used to develop business case for the product in development.
  • Comparing the manufacture of peptides by recombinant and synthetic routes
    Guiding decision making within process development and identify potential areas of high cost for the scaled-up process.
  • Evaluation of novel filling and drying technology compared to conventional method
    Used for supporting the business case.
  • Existing roller bottle process and next generation perfusion bioreactor process
    Benchmarking existing process costs against baseline industry standard data sources. Highlighted the cost impact of process improvements.
  • Assessing the impact of disposable membrane absorbers across range of manufacturing scales
    Economic feasibility identified across a range of clinical and commercial scales vs. traditional column based processes.
  • Generating process data for a detailed environmental lifecycle analysis study
    To assess the environmental impact of single-use technology.