Anyone can become a BioSolve expert

You don’t need to be an engineer to work with BioSolve products. We offer a range of BioSolve training modules delivered by our experienced bioprocess product management team.

Our web-based training modules include:

  • User induction: Designed to give participants a good level of proficiency with BioSolve Process. (3 x 2 hours)
  • Advanced user: These 2-hour sessions are geared towards a single topic. Topics include:
    • Capital estimation
    • Detailed analysis
    • Custom Unit Operations
    • Continuous Processing
    • Facility Fit
    • Solution Management
  • Custom training: Modules designed to meet your specific requirements (timing and cost varies based on the requirement).

All modules can also be delivered as on-site training sessions (six-hour module per day). On-site delivery provides an opportunity for additional hands-on case study and project work.

Complimentary training (For full commercial license holders)

To make it easier to introduce colleagues to BioSolve Process, we are introducing a new training service that is included in the annual license fee.

Complimentary training is available to users that have purchased or renewed a full commercial license (Professional or Enterprise).

  • This offer does not apply to users with academic or trial licenses.
  • Each complimentary training session includes a 2-hour basic web training session, followed by a 1-hour Q&A session with a live trainer.
  • Complimetary training sessions are offered on a first-come-first-served and may include up to 12 online participants.
  • Professional license holders receive one complimentary basic web training session per year.
  • Enterprise license holders receive two complimentary basic web training sessions per year per company.

Training calendar

From March 2017, we will hold two complementary training sessions per month.

Users must register for training at least one week prior to the session. To register, email

  • Third Wednesday of the month: 8am BST to 10am BST
  • Forth Wednesday of the month: 15pm BST to 17pm BST