Why use BioSolve Process?

Our BioSolve Process Users can now download BioPhorum white paper MAb typical process with stainless steel and single use upstream processes from BioSolve Central.
By becoming BioSolve Process Users today, you can start to answer long asked question such as “Does this titer and scale work better with Stainless Steel bioreactor or Single Use bioreactor?” by using industry agreed MAb typical process.
As part of package, you can also obtain recommended parameters for each unit operations.

After running the different scenarios (e.g. your desired titre and bioreactor volume), you can produce analysis tool using our templates too. So what you saw in BioPhorum Analysis Tool can be reproduced with your own data.

Here is a short Video to show you overview:

Also we interviewed BioPhorum asking how this tool helped them present the data to their group members:

“The BioSolve process tool is familiar to so many of the BioPhorum collaborators, making it a great tool to use in a collaboration environment. The expertise of the Biopharm Services team, and their willingness to engage in the open collaboration model used by BioPhorum, has meant that the modelling tools on offer have complemented the collaboration teams work.” – Steve Jones, BioPhorum Operations Group, Director

To read the full interview, click here.