Complete concept studies faster

Our experience in facility design and utilisation of novel technology provides you with the best option to meet your business requirements.
Utilising BioSolve Process we can rapidly analyse design scenarios. Rapidly evaluating and screening options ensures fast delivery of an optimised concept design. We can deliver to you:

  • Evaluation of technologies and options in facility design
  • Rapid assessment of the impact of change upon design
  • Standardisation of cost estimates

Our process modelling expertise shortens the time required to carry out concept studies. We provide you with rapid analysis of design options for review in a matter of weeks, keeping you up-to-date with the design process as it proceeds.

Recently completed concept studies include:

  • New GMP phase I/II clinical pilot plant maximising the use of disposable technology for flexibility
  • Evaluation, selection and design of a commercial bulk biologics manufacturing facility, based on integrated disposable technologies
  • Retrofit concept design to add MAb production capability, including GMP compliance assessment