Helping solve your strategic challenges

Biopharm Services can provide solutions to strategic problems faced in biopharma manufacturing. We can quickly review options and focus on analysing the best options to allow you to make informed decisions quickly.

Our modelling capabilities (COG, ROI, NPV forecasting, Monte Carlo analysis) provide rigor in our approach to analysis and development of product/manufacturing strategies:

Evaluation of clinical/commercial market opportunities
• New capacity
• Outsourcing opportunities
• Opportunities for new or competitor technologies

Detailed assessment of manufacturing capacity requirements
• How to deal with uncertainty in development or sales
• Decide how to manage capacity today and tomorrow

Audit and benchmarking
• CoG for bulk manufacture and filling for a phase III biologic
• Supply chain for disposable technologies

Industry standard
• The major suppliers have modelled their technologies in BioSolve, so you can really evaluate the impact of a given technology and figure out which technology will enable the highest performance and lowest cost of your process.

Market trends and implications in process development and manufacturing
• Implications for disposable technologies
• Overall ability to deliver
• Opportunities for innovation
• Identification of structural impediments to progress

Optimising manufacturing capacity
• Impact of new technologies on capacity, flexibility and cost
• Predicting the impact of long range forecast at the site level capital requirements
• Analysis of a sites actual and potential capacity