Securely access the latest supplier technologies

For BioSolve Process users the BioSolve Supplier Technology Showcase is a cloud-based platform with dual functionality, enabling suppliers to share their new technology with select users approved by them, and users to evaluate the very latest in bioprocessing technology models.

BioPharm Services supports suppliers from the design to the delivery of their latest models by testing their scalability and compatibility, and developing the corresponding documentation.

Once published to the Supplier Technology Showcase on the user portal, users can request permission to access a new model, and if approved they receive specific login credentials and allocated access to specific technologies.

Suppliers can also transfer various unit operations and processes through the secure Microsoft Azure platform to the end-user community.

The Supplier Technology Showcase model can be downloaded by using BioSolve Process. The economic simulation is possible only when you have valid BioSolve Process license.

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