Why Supplier Showcase?

For a long time, Biopharm Services users kept asking the same question; how can we improve our end users’ life and make it easier? With some research, we found that at times there was a lack of communication between vendor and end user companies based on the same platform – BioSolve Process modelling. This was raised by our innovator end user companies back in 2015 at our Inaugural User Group Forum.

The BioSolve Supplier Technology Showcase provides access to the very latest technology models, enabling you to factor new developments into your bioprocess modelling.

Traditionally, no matter how well the Sales or Technical Consultants from vendor companies knew and explained the product, we found that some aspects were inadequately communicated and quite often, the end user companies’ results were often different when compared to the model outcomes provided by the vendor companies.

So how does it work?
It is summarised in the diagram below:

For suppliers:

  • Supplier prepares model
  • Submits to Biopharm Services for checking
  • Biopharm Services:

o   Checks scalability
o   Checks model compatibility
o   Tests
o   Develops documentation
o   Approves

  • Model published to Supplier Technology Showcase website

For users:

  • User requests permission to access a supplier technology model
  • Supplier receives the notification and uses a digital signature to agree distribution
  • Biopharm Services receives the notification that the supplier approved or disapproved the access
  • Biopharm Services will let the client know the outcome and proceed accordingly

We launched Supplier Showcase with GE Healthcare and asked why they signed up for Supplier Showcase. We are particularly inspired by this quote:

“The supplier showcase is a way for us as a supplier to share some of the specifics of a targeted technology areas connected to process economic considerations.”
Lotta Molander, Product manager ÄKTA™ pcc and BioProcesspcc with GE Healthcare

Read more about it here.