BioSolve Process
the biopharmaceutical industry’s leading process analysis and
economic modelling package

Make well-informed decisions, quickly 

BioSolve Process is the biopharmaceutical industry’s leading process analysis and economic modelling package.

BioSolve Process helps you make better decisions early in development where it matters in the time available. Choosing the wrong technology or implementing the wrong processes can have far-reaching and costly consequences.

BioSolve Process allows you to significantly reduce the cost of your processes by helping you understand the cost implications of technology and process operations;  so you can develop the most cost-effective process in development.

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Rapid implementation

Intuitive and easy to use, you can set up BioSolve and get running in less than an hour.

Use it to develop the business case for capacity planning, innovative technologies or process options, with several unique analysis tools that enable you to quickly carry out multiple process comparisons.

BioSolve Process is transparent, easy to use and allows rapid dissemination of results and analyses, as well as predicting all ongoing scale-up requirements and capacity. The latest updates give users a more personalised experience as the intuitive navigation allows you to deep-dive into your data to create bespoke plans and processes tailored to your business analysis and reporting requirements.


BioSolve Process comes with annually updated bench-marked cost data (standard Materials, Consumables, Equipment, etc) across the industry through a dedicated database.

Clients can download and use the standardised BioPhorum Group 1st edition roadmap Single Use and Stainless Steel MAb process. In BioSolve Process 8, standard disposable designs (SDD™) of single-use consumables can also be utilised.

BioSolve Process gives you the flexibility to:

  • Change scale from lab to commercial
  • Look at the fit of a process to any facility
  • Compare process choices and technologies
  • Add new technologies or unit operations yourself (or ask us)
  • Configure any type of process: Vaccines, MAbs, Peptides, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, etc
  • Optimise facility output and equipment assets.
  • Support dialogue between internal and external stakeholders
  • Justify choices supporting business decisions



Dr Yuki Abe, Director of Sales & Marketing, Biopharm Services: “As a fish climbs a waterfall to reach higher waters, success in business is about learning and adapting. We themed this latest release of BioSolve Process around the Buddhist story The Dragon Gate, where it is said that any carp that reaches the top of the Dragon’s Gate waterfall becomes a dragon themselves.

At Biopharm Services, we are always developing and improving our products. BioSolve Process 8.0 will enable users to reach the next level in process analysis and economic modelling.”