Make well-informed decisions, quickly

BioSolve Process is the biopharmaceutical industry’s leading process analysis and economic modelling package.

Choosing the wrong technology or implementing the wrong processes can have far-reaching and costly consequences. BioSolve Process helps you make better decisions early in development where it matters in the time available.

BioSolve Process allows you to significantly reduce the cost of your processes by helping you understand the cost implications of technology and process choices so you can select the most cost-effective technologies for your process in development.

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Rapid implementation

Intuitive and easy to use, you can set up BioSolve and get running in less than an hour.

Use it to develop the business case for innovative technologies or process options, with several unique analysis tools that enable you to quickly carry out multiple process comparison analyses before making a decision.

BioSolve Process is transparent, easy to use and allows rapid dissemination of the latest technologies and processes, allowing you to scale-up your process quickly and easily.


The major suppliers have modelled their technologies in BioSolve, so you can really evaluate the impact of a given technology to plan which technologies will enable the highest performance and lowest cost of your process.

BioSolve Process gives you the flexibility to:

  • Change scale from lab to commercial
  • Look at the fit of a process to any facility
  • Compare process choices and technologies
  • Add new technologies yourself or ask us
  • Configure any type of process: vaccines, MAbs, peptides, cell factories, fill finish etc.
  • Build better processes, screening technologies and process choices quickly
  • Remove facility fit uncertainty
  • Support dialogue between users and suppliers
  • Justify choices supporting business decisions