BioSolve Process
the biopharmaceutical industry’s leading process analysis and
economic modelling package

BioSolve Process is enhanced with additional features. Some are available at additional cost while some features are available as part of a standard license.

Free of charge services for all license holders:

  • 24/7 access to our customer support systems. Our standard turnaround time is within 24 hours during the working week.
  • On demand video/webinar resources (including the 2-hr Basic Complimentary Training video) from our User Portal
  • The latest cost data (materials, consumables, and equipment) and models (Processes & Unit Operations) are always available through BioSolve Central, our cloud-based service. For instance, the BioPhorum-approved 1st edition Mab Typical Process industry standard model; with single use and stainless steel bioreactor variants

Separate licenses are available for the following services:

  • For Enterprise licensees, there is another product offering i.e. BioSolve Connect. This manages all resources and process models centrally within the client network. This data-driven application is used to rapidly analyse multiple scenarios without worrying about data consistency or updates.
  • The Advanced Cost Data Add-In module is available for users with BioSolve Process Enterprise License in BioSolve Process 8. This Add-In module allows the user to assign Catalogue number, Reference number and Notes to Cost Data items. The information about Catalogue Number and Reference Number will be output to the BoM, Equipment, Consumables and Containers Allocation sheets.



Dr Yuki Abe, Director of Sales & Marketing, Biopharm Services: “As a fish climbs a waterfall to reach higher waters, success in business is about learning and adapting. We themed this latest release of BioSolve Process around the Buddhist story The Dragon Gate, where it is said that any carp that reaches the top of the Dragon’s Gate waterfall becomes a dragon themselves.

At Biopharm Services, we are always developing and improving our products. BioSolve Process 8.0 will enable users to reach the next level in process analysis and economic modelling.”