BioSolve Process
the biopharmaceutical industry’s leading process analysis and
economic modelling package

BioSolve Process has great features that can help your Process Simulation activities easier.

Configurability – Build a process, dissect it, change it. You have complete control.

  • Pre-populated unit operations make sequencing your process easy, and greatly assist in modifying operations that are unique to an individual organisation.
  • Prepopulated single use assemblies (SDD™), assist in the practical management of tubing, connectors, bags, etc.
  • Easy to manage and control many CAPEX and OPEX factors –  on-site and off-site, assets and disposables, variable or standardised average, over all organisational functions.
  • Detailed solution management, as required – per campaign, per batch, use of concentrates, per bag (add-on required).

What is SDD™ and why is it significant?

“…as more end users  adopt  SDD  they will get smaller warehouses, less stock outs, and more predictable pricing … suppliers will be able to use mass production techniques, leading to more robust products.  Standardisation is inevitable, it is just a matter of time.”

Dave Wolton, SDD Initiator for PM Group

Scalability – Scale-up your unit operations with our transparent approach.

Scale-up or scale-down of unit operations is easily visible within BioSolve Process.

Put together a scalable process in under an hour by using standard template unit operations to input the many USP & DSP factors.  Then explore the effect of scaling up production with larger scale inputs and/or more frequent campaigns.

A user-friendly Excel interface ensures that models are easy to understand, with many user-configurable parameters to allow you to build your own unit operations.

Data Analysis – Analyse your investment options to make informed choices and de-risk decision making.

The modelling capability of BioSolve Process supports the development of new product manufacturing strategies, powered by the following tools:-

Advanced Scenario Analysis – automatically run hundreds of scenarios, varying multiple inputs from all OPEX/CAPEX factors and choosing critical outputs for each analysis.

Net Present Cost (NPC) and NPV are enabled as standard, top-level financial analysis tools.

Detailed breakdown of all costs is provided for materials, consumables, labour and capital, for each unit operation.

The facility can be configured around your production requirements (scale-up, scale out, multi-product or single product) to evaluate the investment needed for greenfield build versus retrofitting or repurposing existing facilities.

The Process Mass Intensity (PMI) environment monitoring tool provides the insight you need to create a sustainable manufacturing process.

Model outputs enable technology transfer and practical operations – for example, a Bill of Materials with Catalogue Number & Reference Number output provides compatible information for supply chain colleagues.



Dr Yuki Abe, Director of Sales & Marketing, Biopharm Services: “As a fish climbs a waterfall to reach higher waters, success in business is about learning and adapting. We themed this latest release of BioSolve Process around the Buddhist story The Dragon Gate, where it is said that any carp that reaches the top of the Dragon’s Gate waterfall becomes a dragon themselves.

At Biopharm Services, we are always developing and improving our products. BioSolve Process 8.0 will enable users to reach the next level in process analysis and economic modelling.”