BioSolve Process
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economic modelling package

BioSolve Process 8: The wait is over, we have listened to your feedback to design an updated BioSolve Process to better meet your needs; major improvements include:

  • Usability: easier process builds, recipe and cost management capability
  • Facility Fit: match the process to a facility for new or existing facilities
  • Tech Transfer Tools; BOM linked to catalogue or user internal numbers
  • Environmental Impact: feedback on the benefits of new technologies/processes
  • Solution Management: optimise media and buffer systems, control make-up frequencies
  • Data Analytics: automate analyses to investigate sensitivities to key process parameters. Set up 1000s of runs, collect and analyse using incorporated or your own visualisation tools

User Interface (UI)

The simplified BioSolve Ribbon now includes new forms for defining and editing Cost Data, Solution Recipes, Stock Recipes and Consumables. Input forms are easier to complete and maintain than table rows.  A new Process Configuration form speeds up building and modifying a sequence of Unit Operations.

The UI can be simplified by controlling what you see using the new feature User Sheet Roles


Warning messages have been updated for easier access & with new warnings added.  This assists in quickly getting a working, scalable model without hidden errors.

BioSolve Process 8 introduces the ability to store up to 10 Facility Datasets, enabling different types of facility setups to be stored, compared or reused.  A new switch on the Dashboard and the Advanced Scenarios In Worksheets enables the user to run the model using a selected Facility Dataset.

Improved Solution Management

The new functionality allows users to specify the Prep Basis and Prep Frequency for individual Buffers, Media and Stocks. The Prep Frequency can be specified for over several batches or for a fixed number of days.

Fill Draw and Piped Supply options are available for individual Buffers, Media and Stocks.  There is also an updated method for determining vessel usage and installation, with improved visibility of model assumptions.

Data Transfer between BioSolve Process and Central Cloud Service

There is an updated interface for the data transfer in BioSolve Process. BioSolve Connect can support data transfer from and to BioSolve Process including:

  • Facility Support sheet information
  • Process Parameter information
  • Dashboard setting information
  • Cleaning sheet solution information
  • QC Test sheet information
  • Cell number formatting information (General, %, dd/mm/yy etc)

Enhanced Cost Data
With a new Cost Data functionality, users can now see a combined table containing Materials, Consumables, Labour, Area Class, QC Cost and Utility. The equipment information is separated out from the rest of Cost Data and is presented in its own table.

Automate Analysis Using Advanced Scenarios

The Data Output from Advanced Scenarios now includes the ability to capture NPV, BoM and Equipment Outputs for each run. There are also changes to the default number of user inputs & outputs and scenarios; previously there was a limit on the number of scenarios possible, however the user can now specify the number of runs, user inputs & outputs.

To improve the handling of large datasets, two new functions have been added: Export Outputs and Create New Template.

The new Export Outputs function exports Advanced Scenarios information (Inputs and Outputs) to a separate file of connected data tables (Microsoft Excel Data Model). The Create New Template function builds an External Template file to which Advanced Scenarios can be defined and read from BioSolve Process. BioSolve Process will copy the outputs into the template.

Legacy Support: Import from File

The Import from Excel application has been upgraded to Import from File to include additional features such as Import from XML functionality. This new release also ensures that the data transfer between BioSolve Process and BioSolve Central remains compatible with corporate IT systems. Users have the option to transfer processes, unit operations and datasets to BioSolve Process from BioSolve Central without the need to access the current SOAP/ HTTP service.

Data Package

BioSolve Process 8 is packaged with updated Unit Operations, Cost Data and new Standard Disposables Design (SDD) Consumables.

Add-In Management – Advanced Cost Data

In this release, the user has the opportunity to purchase an Add-In module for Advanced Cost Data. This Add-In module is available to purchase for only BioSolve Process Enterprise edition users. The Add-In module can be enabled/disabled via the BioSolve Settings.

In the Advanced Cost Data Add-in module, the user can assign Catalogue Number, Reference Number and Notes. The information about Catalogue Number and Reference Number will be output to the BoM, Equipment, Consumables and Containers Allocation sheets during the recalculation of the model.



Dr Yuki Abe, Director of Sales & Marketing, Biopharm Services: “As a fish climbs a waterfall to reach higher waters, success in business is about learning and adapting. We themed this latest release of BioSolve Process around the Buddhist story The Dragon Gate, where it is said that any carp that reaches the top of the Dragon’s Gate waterfall becomes a dragon themselves.

At Biopharm Services, we are always developing and improving our products. BioSolve Process 8.0 will enable users to reach the next level in process analysis and economic modelling.”