Have you ever experienced “I did not intend this” scenario? Your ideal buffer was costlier than you thought when they went to late development or ultimately manufacturing scale?

Have you ever thought “this new technology is interesting and expensive but is it value for money”… It is a shame to write them off without understanding the potential economic benefits?

BioSolve Process can answer your “maybe” or “to be or not to be” type of questions. User feedback tells us that by using BioSolve Process, users are able to make informed decisions when evaluating technologies reducing risk and providing a rationale for a particular decision.

Understanding the future is very important in our industry. With BioSolve Process you can set objectives identifying and targeting innovation where it will maximise positive impact on your current and future processes.

Our R&D users in Innovative End User Companies use BioSolve Process to evaluate their potential:

  • Technology alternative choices
  • Process options before commitment
  • Understand the scalability at early stage including buffer and media selection
  • Single Use or Stainless Steel depends on the production scale and Bioreactor titre
  • Continuous or Batch with level of integration
  • How level of automation impacts on your overall process duration and ultimately productive batches per year

Easy intuitive interface can allow the user to switch from Stainless Steel to Single Use Buffer, Media preparation and hold systems with just a switch.

It will produce ideal scheduling based on your process to indicate the location of the process bottleneck.

The Process warning system guides you to making the right the right choices by screening out non feasible solutions.