Imagine you are sitting across your client and they want to know how your technology can impact on their Process. They ask questions about what is included in the analysis. Modelling your technology in BioSolve Process allows you to answer those questions and to enable you to start a dialogue with the user. Being able to understand the key cost drivers, assumptions and explore sensitivities allows you to demonstrate the value of your innovative technology.

BioSolve Process is widely used by our Innovative End User companies. But also it is widely used by our Innovative Supplier companies.

Day to day, they can benefit from:

  • Integrate their latest technologies into our typical processes for fair comparison
  • Help you understand the value of your offering from the client’s perspective
  • Provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate the value of your technologies
  • Decide marketing and pricing strategy
  • How to suggest optimizing the process further
  • Visualize “what ifs” with attractive graphics using Advanced Scenario Analysis data

Used in conjunction with BioSolve Connect, you can show Process Flow Diagram with your  technology integrated into a process and highlight recommended integrated process options.

By using Supplier Showcase, you can increase the level of interaction by making your technology model available to your clients who use BioSolve Process. Giving you insight into how customers want to deploy your technology.
Through our consultancy services we can also assist you with configuration, market analysis and positioning in relation to manufacturing.